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The Carr Family

It is truly only because of the grant from Rollstone and the generosity of family and friends that we were able to financially complete our adoption.  The costs are so overwhelming and no cost should keep a child from having a family.  The work your foundation does is one of the greatest we can think of supporting ourselves and we look forward to doing that soon! 

There are so many children with special needs that really only have a chance at life if adopted internationally (most of the countries they live in state that local residence will not adopt special needs children), usually from families within the United States.  We know so many families in the process of adopting children who have special needs internationally and all of them state the same need – finances.  Many of these families have numerous children (biologically and adopted) and are doing all they can – fundraising, using savings, being extra frugal – to fund their adoptions and many grant organizations make the process of application so difficult that among all the paperwork they are already doing the families find it so hard to apply, pay the extra application fee, only to find out they don’t get the grant.  It happens so often for these families. 

When we learned about Rollstone we were so impressed not only with your mission but the ease of the application process and how in touch with us you were.  We knew you really ‘got it’, you understood what we were going through already and were really there to help, with no other agenda.  Thank you!

As we venture forward with bringing our daughter home in two weeks we know that we will leave behind many children in her country who desperately need families… we join now the many adopted families who say, ‘We would do it again in a heartbeat…. we have room, we have love, we have resources… but now our bank accounts are near low, how could we do it all over again… where would the money come from this time…but then again how can we just turn our back to them… ” organizations like Rollstone make it possible for families to say yes to not only adopting, but going back to adopt again, sometimes, as in our case, going back for siblings of children we have already adopted.  Thank you for making this possible for us all.

Money should never be what stands in the way of a child having a family, having a future, and for special needs children having LIFE…. Rollstone helped make that future possible for our daughter and for so many other children.  I can think of no greater organization to support.

Sincerely and with such great fondness, Britney Carr

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Rollstone Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization with the mission of aiding in the adoption of Special Needs Children worldwide.

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