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The Shaw Family

We are a family who seeks to be obedient to the Lord, immediately. This being said, God told us to adopt a THIRD time in just 2 years. We seriously wondered if we were crazy, but we KNEW He was calling us to this child. She was about to turn 10 years old and had been waiting to be adopted nearly her entire life. Due to her spina bifida, she was incontinent and unable to walk. She sat in a foster home for 8 years watching tv, never being able to attend school due to China’s lack of accessibility for wheelchairs. 
We had just completed our 2nd adoption and had truly tapped out our fabulous support system. We sought grants to help us be obedient to this crazy thing we were being asked to do. We were so blessed to receive a substantial grant from The Rollstone Foundation and it made it possible for us to get to our daughter in the nick of time.
You see, had we had any delay at all, it wouldn’t have happened. We got her out of her orphanage on a Monday and by Friday she was on death’s door. Due to her incontinence, she had developed a severe kidney infection and had gone septic. We got her to an international medical clinic in China and once she was stabilized the doctor leveled with us: this was so serious she was within 1-2 days of death. Gotcha days are only on Mondays and she would have been gone by the following Monday. The Rollstone Grant was a key part in the plan God had for us to reach her in time!
She has now been home for 4 months and although she has a longer list of physical needs than we ever anticipated, God has delicately woven her into our family’s fabric. We are deeply grateful for His work in us. Esty’s heart is healing from the traumatic loss that adoption involves. She is clinging to us and learning about the God who loves her and did not allow her life to be snuffed out as an orphan. Her renal health has been stabilized and we are working on getting her the other medical attention she needs. She is also learning to walk with quad canes and leg braces!
This daughter of ours has the dream to become a doctor. She has the determination and strong will to do just that too! What a joy it is to have a front row seat to the miracles that God is doing in her life! We deeply thank you for your help financially to be obedient. We are so blessed.
Brian and Amy Shaw
Jensi, Anneli, Esty, Oliver, Zeb, Darrah Kate and Toby
P.S. If anyone is interested, they can follow our family’s story at our blog:

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